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The oldest human longing, some say, is self-revelation. We believe nothing so profound. Instead, we contend that the oldest human longing is for money and chocolate. You can now satisfy both of those desires at once with our stellar selection of edible candy coins! They might not spend very well, but you can certainly get labor from your children and possibly even favors from others if you bribe them with this chocolaty currency. It's worth a shot. Worst case, you are left with deliciously tasty coins to enjoy all by yourself. 

We carry Fort Knox Liberty Half Dollar Milk Chocolate Medallions, Wrapped Chocolate Coins in a variety of sizes as well as in fabulous metallic colors like pink, blue, red, purple, silver, orange, and green, perfect for party games, classroom events, Halloween, and more. We also have chocolate coins designed specifically to celebrate the birth of little boys or little girls. Way better than cigars, everybody will enjoy getting some of these. 

Fill up your pockets, your purse, and the candy jar with a variety of edible candy coins today!

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