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Being a new parent is exciting! So many new experiences lie in front of you. There are so many possibilities! So many opportunities to grow in ways that you never imagined. But let's back up for a second. Before you become a new parent, you have to actually have the baby. And before you have the baby, chances are that you'll want to know its gender. So when you find out that you're having a girl, our It's A Girl Birth Announcement Candy will be just what you need. 

Lovely and pink, just like a newborn, our It's A Girl Birth Announcement Candy is the perfect way to share your good news. Both memorable and delicious, you're sure to have people cooing over your announcement. So why haven't you ordered any yet? The announcement has to be done right, doesn't it? And there's no better way to do something right than with candy. Trust us. 

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