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If you have a cartoon hero, or just appreciate candy that's not boring, then this section is for you.

Over the years, a diverse cast of characters has paraded through the CandyFavorites warehouse. They're run the gamut from Beanie Babies in the 1980’s to today's Radz Candy Dispensers (which may be the modern Pez Dispenser).

As is true of many candies that are now considered “retro”, we were one of the first distributors in the nation to offer Pez Dispensers. If only we had saved one of each of them!  Believe it or not, we offered the Mr.Potato Head Pez Dispenser , which is amongst the rarest, many moons ago!

Perfect for parties and a must for any lover of Pop Culture, this section highlights many unique characters that have gone directly from the silver screen, big or small, into our hearts!

Super Heroes may have super-human abilities, but the one thing common to all our character candies is that they all have the power to bring a smile to a child's face.

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