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Sweetarts Heart - 12 / Box

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  • 12 / Box
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  • $18.33

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Sweet and sour is a seriously winning combination in two of America's most popular food groups: Chinese food and candy. But let's talk about candy for a minute, shall we? And if we're talking about sweet and sour candy, we have to talk about SweeTarts Hearts.

SweeTarts Hearts are a perennial favorite, since no one can ever seem to get enough of that pleasurably puckering taste. Each box of SweeTarts Hearts contains an assortment of 12 red and purple SweeTarts Hearts, which are each filled with two packages of Wonka SweeTarts Candy Roll Wafers. It's candy so good, you'd better save one for yourself!

Best of all, the heart boxes can be refilled with heartwarming gifts and candies all year long!

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