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CandyFavorites.com is proud to offer twenty one (21) individual colors of Colorworks M&M’s ® chocolate candies.

aqua green m&m's ® White M&M's Orange M&M's Yellow M&M's Maroon M&M's Pink M&M's Purple M&M's Red M&M's Teal Green M&M's Dark Green M&M's Cream M&M's Dark Blue M&M's Light Blue M&M's Light Purple M&M's Blue M&M's Brown M&M's Dark Pink M&M's Gold M&M's Silver M&M's Green M&M's Black M&M's Aqua-Green M&M's
To order your favorite color candies, please click on the corresponding pictures.


All individually colored M&M's ® are factory fresh and are ideal for any occasion in which custom color combination are desired.

All individually colored M&M's ® are sold in five (5) pound factory sealed bags and have a shelf life of approximately nine (9) months.



Please note that there are approximately five hundred (500) chocolate candies per pound and the manufacturer does not offer this in the peanut variety nor do we offer imprinting.


In order to avoid confusion to our valued consumers, we would like to formally state that we are an independent retailer and are not affiliated with, co-sponsored or endorsed by Masterfoods USA / M&M in any capacity.


Masterfoods owns the exclusive trademark registration worldwide for the marks M&M’s, M, M inside a circle, M&M’s Colorworks and Colorworks collectively known as the “Mars Marks” and we make no implication or inference to ownership either imagined or implied.


Further, in order to preserve the quality and integrity of this product, we do not offer repackaging.


All M&M’s ® Chocolate Candy Lentils are one hundred (100) percent genuine and sold in factory sealed packages thus assuring authenticity.