Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Bulk Candy

For questions that aren’t addressed below, contact us here or by phone at (888) 525-7577.

Bulk Faq

Do I have to purchase a specific amount of bulk candy? 

Most of our bulk candies are packed in five-pound bags, although a few candies, such as Brach’s Ice Blue Mints and Licorice Snaps are sold in smaller quantities.

Please note that we are unable to sell in less-than-advertised weights as all candies are pre-packed in order ensure you get only the freshest candy.


How many pieces of bulk candy are in a bag?

Although we try our best to provide the approximate number of pieces per pound, these numbers are just estimates and subject to change. This information is provided to give you a ballpark estimate and since we do not sell bulk candy by the piece, we will not issue credits or refunds if the count is inaccurate.

If you need a specific amount of candy, please contact customer service and we will be happy to help you determine the appropriate amount.

Do you offer samples of bulk candy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send samples. If you have specific questions about a candy, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your query.


Can I get an assortment of mixed bulk candies?

We offer several ready-made bulk candy assortments, such as the Candy Jar Mix and the Riveria Mix, and we can also mix several candy items for you as long as they are purchased in weights as advertised.

This is ideal if you would like to create a specific color assortment or if you want to make a custom combination of your favorite candies. For orders of less than 50 pounds, we charge a one-time fee of $10.00 to create a custom mix.


Can I view ingredients of my favorite bulk candy online?

To view a listing of Bulk Candy Ingredients for unwrapped and wrapped varieties, please click here.

Please note that all candy is hand-packed and processed in a facility that handles dairy and peanut byproducts.


Is bulk candy perishable?

Like all candy, bulk candy, such as chocolates and gummi candies, tend to be perishable when shipped into warm weather areas.

If you have concerns about heat in your delivery area, we encourage you to purchase a thermo case and /or ice pack and consider upgrading to an expedited shipping option.

For more information about Hot Weather Shippingclick here.


Do you get new varieties of bulk candy throughout the year?

We add new candies weekly!

Certain bulk candies, such as Brach’s Dem Bones, have been discontinued permanently, and Brach’s Christmas Nougats and Patriotic Tootsie Rolls are only available seasonally.  Once gone, they will not be available until the following year.

What is your return policy? 
To learn more about our Return Policy, click here.