Scary, sweet and squishy are what Oozing Eyeballs are all about...

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  • Scary, sweet and squishy are what Oozing Eyeballs are all about...

Oozing Eyeballs - 24 / Box

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You know that house where you go trick or treating, and the person answering the door in a too-realistic-for-an-adult Frankenstein costume holds the bowl of candy way above your head so you can't see what you're getting? The one where, despite several similar uneventful similar experiences throughout the night, you get totally freaked out because you reach in to find your fingers buried in either cold, wet spaghetti or peeled grapes? That's creepy. Don't be that house. 

Oozing Gummi Eyeballs will indulge your penchant for being a little spooky without scaring the kids out of ever ringing your doorbell again. These creepy candies have a soft marshmallow exterior filled with an ooey-gooey fruity jelly center. They're a little bit gross, but also totally fun. The whimsically bright colored wrappers reinforce the eyeball theme without offending anyone.

Oozing Eyeballs are individually wrapped and come packed in 2.82 ounce bags. Each display box contains 24 bags of assorted flavors. 

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Oozing Eyeballs Oozing Gummi Eyeballs are scary, squishy and sweet! Shop our amazing Halloween Candy Selection here.

  • Price: $35.03
In the name of progress
Review by DonD , 8/20/12

Something about edible body parts is a bit unnerving all the more so when they squish in your mouth. I tried Oozing Eyeballs on a dare and they are gross but, alas, they are delicious too. Candy has come a long way since I was a kid many moons ago but if it is all in the name of progress then I guess it is all for good! Give these a try and the look on your friend's faces will be priceless!

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