1970's Retro Candy

1970's Retro Candy

The last stop on our retro candy list is 1970’s candy, which includes many fun and fruity, and in one case explosive, old-fashioned candy celebrities. Pop Rocks were a bang when they were first offered in 1975, and they still are (read about Pop Rocks and Children’s Culture and Candy Consumption).

You might think of Reese’s Pieces as a product of the 1980’s, since the release of E.T. in 1982 launched the candy to stardom. They were actually first marketed in the United States in 1978, making them peers with other celebrities of the 1970’s, like Bubble Yum, Grapeheads, Freshen Up Gum, Charms, and Rolo.

If you enjoyed browsing our nostalgic retro candy selections, take a look at our Confectionary Timeline for more historical details that could give you a leg up in your next game of Trivial Pursuit. The timeline includes links to our old-fashioned candy favorites to make shopping your way through history a breeze.

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