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What’s groovy enough to go with bell-bottom jeans and mini skirts? Fruit Stripe Gum, Now and Laters, and Lemonheads, of course. Our nostalgic retro candy from the 1960’s is full of the spirit of the decade of peace and love, as you can plainly see from the psychedelic color selection of Zotz.

Looking for an old-fashioned candy favorite that is fashionable, matches any outfit, and delightful to eat? Then you need a candy watch, and we sell them in bulk so you can have a new one daily, all year long. If anybody asks, tell them it’s a 60’s thing.

Our other retro candy selections from the 1960’s include perennial must-haves, such as Starburst Fruit Chews, Swedish Fish, and Twizzlers. Did you know that SweeTarts were developed to be a less-messy version of Pixy Stix? Because we have both of these old-fashioned candy favorites, that means you have a choice when you shop with us: messy or less-messy.

Enjoy the selection of 1960's candy, and if you haven’t already, browse our other decades, as well.

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