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Looking for retro candy? You found the best of the 1950's right here. The decade that gave us Rock ‘N Roll and Hula Hoops also gave us some great old-fashioned candy favorites, like Bubble Gum Candy Cigarettes, Candy Necklaces, and Pez.

You can warm up remembering the Cold War with Atomic Fireballs and Warheads and appreciate that somebody apparently had a sense of humor. Cool off again with Brach’s Ice Blue Mint Coolers and some Fizzies Blue Raspberry Drink Tablets.

And while they might seem like old-fashioned candy to some, Hot Tamales and Anise Bears are simple 50's pleasures that never get old.

In our line-up of hard-to-find retro candy, the 1950's candy is a kick. Dig it, Daddy-O.

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