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You might expect that the old-fashioned candy list from the 1940’s would be a bit short because of the effects of World War II. Due to sugar shortages during the war, candy innovation and production was lean. But after 1945, several iconic candies were introduced.

No other nostalgic 40's candy would gain as much fame as Bazooka Bubble Gum. Packaged in red, white, and blue, this gum is associated with American sweets perhaps more than any other retro candy. A common misconception is that Bazooka was named after the weapon. It was, in fact, named after a musical instrument, which is much nicer.

Though Heath Bars were though introduced in 1914, they became very popular in the 1940’s because they were included in soldiers’ ration kits as a health food.  M&M's Plain Chocolate Candies were unveiled in 1941 as a means to spur flagging chocolate sales.

Other old-fashioned candy like Bonomo Turkish Taffy, Licorice Laces, Junior Mints, Fun Dip, and many more round out our selection of 1940's candy. When you discover one of your hard-to-find retro candy favorites, don’t forget to submit a review.

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