Old Fashion Christmas Mix has been bring joy to candy lovers for gnerations

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  •  Old Fashion Christmas Mix has been bring joy to candy lovers for gnerations
  • Old Fashion Christmas Candy is colorful and delicious!
  • Perhaps the prettiest candy that we offer, Old Fashion Christmas Mix is a holiday staple and has been for over 100 years!
  • Vibrant colors and sweet tastes is why Old Fashion Candy Mix is so popular

Old Fashion Christmas Candy Mix - 5 lb.

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Our Old Fashioned Christmas Candy Mix is a fun and festive mixture of candy that's been a holiday classic for more than 100 years. There are few Christmas items that have remained unchanged since they were first offered, and this Old Fashion Christmas Candy Mix is one of them. 

Don't let grandma think you're only buying new-fangled candies from the Google this year. So along with your Glow Popcifiers and Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkey Leg, make sure you stock up on a treat to make all your favorite octogenarians happy. And your neices who will spend their entire holiday break from school playing "Little House on the Prairie."

Each pound of Old Fashioned Christmas Mix contains approximately 80 pieces of candy. Ours comes gently packed in a 5-pound bulk bag and to learn more about it's unique and storied history, please click here.

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Old Fashion Christmas Candy Mix Old Fashion Christmas Candy Mix is one of the oldest Christmas candies available! Get traditional candy in bulk at CandyFavorites.com

  • Price: $22.03
  • Rating: %s based on %s review(s): 1919 and Before Candy
A great selection of hard to find seasonal candies
Review by BroisG , 12/7/12

GREAT SELECTION for the holidays... some of the selections such as this Old Fashion Christmas mix reminds me of my childhood and going to grandmothers house where she always had dishes set out with seasonal candy for the holidays. I hope to keep that tradition going with my family.

ribbon candy memories
Review by debbi , 12/1/12

When was a child my mother would always talk about how much she loved the ribbon candy of her youth (in the 1920 & 30's)....so when i got old enough to shop for her, I would always head to the candy counter of our large dept store where I would stand for a long time in front of the glass case....trying to pick just the right length of ribbon candy....should I get the red with white stripes?....the green with red stripes?....the white with red and green stripes?....and the piece had to be curved together perfectly...and just the right length....then the nice lady behind the counter would put my selection in a little white box with red tissue paper cushioning the candy and tie it with a green string....my mother always ooo'd and ah'd over the candy on christmas morning....I continued the tradition for the rest of her life, though I have to admit in later years, as I got busy raising my own family, it was more likely to be a bag of ribbon candy bought at the grocery store....but she always was thrilled to receive my tribute to her childhood memories....

This brings back great memories
Review by Gene , 12/1/12

My favorite Christmas candy memory is my Dad's Rock candy which is a lot like old fashioned candy mix as flavors of spearmint, cinnamon and clove come to mind. Being an engineer, my father had a unique way of pouring the candy. While most people pour the hot candy into a solid sheet and then break it up after it cools, Dad had his own method. After spreading confectioners sugar on a rectangular pan, he would create rows in the sugar and pour the candy into the depressions.
Once it was cooled, the candy "sticks" could be broken into pieces.

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