Licorice Allsorts - 6  lb.

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Licorice Allsorts - 6 lb.

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Licorice Allsorts are one of the most sought after licorice mixes available and ours are the original ones that are imported from "over the pond" in England.

Each bag of Licorice Allsorts contains an assortment of brightly colored bite size pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Few candies inspire such memories and we encourage you to share with us your favorite story in the Review Section!

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Licorice Allsorts

  • Price: $23.46
These remind me of when I was a kid....
Review by janerush , 5/8/13

I just love licorice allsorts. I have a very hard time finding them in our local stores. When I found the website, I was thrilled. Reminds me of when I was a kid.

So hard to find the licorice I love!
Review by 4hipgranny , 4/22/13

I found the hard to find licorice that I love!

I have not seen this candy since I was a child!
Review by James243 , 2/20/13

The licorce assortment was GREAT as you just don't find that type of candy anymore. I'm 59 and have not seen that since I was a child. CandyFavorites offers a GREAT assortment of candy.

Allsorts are my favorite candy!
Review by DST12 , 11/20/12

I love allsorts and the ones you carry are especially good. I am glad you are my source of my favorite candy.

A Wonderful Surprise!
Review by Christina , 8/23/12

We lived in South Africa but moved to the USA in 1998. My husband is addicted to this candy and he started searching all over for it. I am an online shopper and got your website on Google and what a WONDERFUL SURPRISE !!!!

It was delivered this morning and it is the real product that we know, soft, chewy and oh so good.

Your address is going into favorites and I will surely use you again.

5 Stars to your company!

I adore Licorice Allsorts
Review by EllenO , 8/17/12

I have always adored Licorice Allsorts. Many of the packages that I have purchased in the past have been on the shelves so long that the candy portion was stale and hard. I am so thrilled to find your company!

Being a teacher for 36 years, one becomes very resourceful on what to do with those precious five minute passing periods. The thoughts lean toward the restroom, completing one's hall duty, or consuming a piece of candy cleverly tucked inside a pocket for just that needed jolt of flavor. Licorice Allsorts were created for just this time! Popping a individual piece into one's mouth at the bell, walking into the hall to do one's obligatory job, and finishing the candy just as one of the little darlings approaches with a question is a five minute chore. One can cleverly disguise this activity, but you know what you did; you broke the "No
Food Out of the Cafeteria" rule.

A smile slowly appears upon this teacher's face knowing that she was guilty of breaking a school rule. So for the mean time one class has now ended, and another group of young adults are seated and eagerly awaiting a teacher's first direction for that class hour. One piece is never enough, and one's mind drifts to the next precious five minute passing period, and the completion of yet another broken school rule!

Thank you for the opportunity to share this memory.............

The Best
Review by candyyum , 6/18/12

absolutely the best taste sensation, colorific, deliciously chewy, ooie, yummy, gummy, fabulously flavored licorice mix ever!

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Licorice Allsorts

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