Flix Ice Cream Pops let you enjoy delicious ice cream flavors in any temperature

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  • Flix Ice Cream Pops let you enjoy delicious ice cream flavors in any temperature

Ice Cream Pops - 12 / Box

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  • 12 / Box
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Please protect your treats on their journey by adding a THERMO CASE and/or ICE PACKS when you check out.

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One of life's great conundrums is the fact that ice cream is so good, yet so messy. Your enjoyment of an ice-cream indulgence is in direct proportion to the degree to which your (or other people's) children are screaming, hanging off of you, and dripping all over you. Something so good should come with a guarantee that you'll get 5 minutes of peace to go with it, during which you can empty your brain and focus only on beating the melting and eating each creamy morsel at its perfect meltiness.

Well, ice cream doesn't come with a guarantee. In most places, you can't even get ice cream for a good part of the year. That's why Ice Cream Pops Lollipops were invented. You can keep them stashed in your office or glove compartment and eat them whenever. They're not exactly ice cream, but they're not exactly as big a threat to your waistline, either.

Fortunately for candy lovers around the globe, Ice Cream Pops Soft Serve Suckers have created delicious ice cream lollipops featuring our favorite childhood soft serve swirl flavors, including Banana Split, Orange Cream, and Rainbow Sherbet.

Each box contains 12 individually wrapped Ice Cream Pops, and each lollipop measures 8 inches and weighs .24 oz.

Sorry, Jimmies and Sprinkles are not included.

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