Hanukkah Candy

Hanukkah Candy

Hanukkah or the "Festival of Lights" as it is commonly known is a yearly Jewish holiday that shines bright for 8 days and celebrates Judah and his band of heroic Macabees.

Along with spinning the Dreidel - hopefully, you will land on the Hebrew letter Gimel and win everythng - and eating lots of potato pancakes, it is tradition to stock up on Hanukkah Gelt and decorate in festive shades of blue and white which are the "official" holiday colors not to mention the colors of the State of Israel where Judah and the Macabees made their heroic stand so many moons ago.

Short of another miracle, our selection of chocolate coins and colorful blue & white candies may not last as long as the sacred oil but they are sure to bring much joy and happiness which we think is a fair trade.


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