Charms Squares - 20 / Box

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  • Charms Squares - 20 / Box

Charms Squares - 20 / Box

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  • 20 / Box
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Sometimes you know exactly what you want in a candy. Maybe you want it to be hard? Maybe you want it to be long-lasting? Maybe you want it to be a vintage classic? Maybe you want it to be fruity? Maybe you want all of these things! If so, then you're in luck! We've got a candy that is hard, long-lasting, vintage, and fruity! Any guesses for what it could be? Charms Squares, of course! 

Bightly colored and super fun, Charms Squares, in 1 oz. packages, are perfect for the times when you need a nice candy to pop in your mouth and savor for a while. In flavors like lime, grape, orange, cherry, lemon, and raspberry, you can get a mouth full of fruity deliciousness when you order these! You may even surprise the folks who remember them from yesteryear. Now wouldn't that be nice? 

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