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Because we are masters at giving you precisely what you need to let your creative genius have its own way, we have a page devoted to powdery candy. At CandyFavorites, you can shop by color, flavor, theme, and even texture. Makes it easy, doesn't it?

Of course Pixie Sticks top the list and we have several varieties of the long-time favorite. We have Giant Pixie Stix, Miniature Pixie Stix, classix Pixie Stix, and Pixie Stix in bulk. Hint: bouquets of Pixie Stix make fun centerpieces at parties! We also have Zots candies in a gazillion flavors, like blue raspberry, apple, lemon, and cherry.

 If you've never experienced Zots before, you should. Your kids should, too and please don't overlook the powder filled novelty candies such as Sour Flush Lollipops!

Hard candy filled with a powdery center that fizzes when you eat it, Zots are quite a sensation! Get creative and let us know how you use the candies in our selection. Leave a comment!

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