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Did you know that Certs was the first breath mint to get its own national marketing campaign? That's right, created in the 1950's, Certs was an industry leader back in the day, and they continue to be a favorite today.

You don't even have to know what Retsyn is (we're not sure either) to know that Certs taste great and do a fabulous job freshening breath. We carry all the Certs varieties, including Certs Wintergreen, Certs Spearmint, Certs Peppermint, Certs Cinnamon Mints, and Certs Assorted Fruit Mints. If you are having trouble choosing, go for some of each because when you do, you can take advantage of our Free Shipping offer!

If you have a minute, click here to watch this great vintage Certs commercial that features early advertising efforts to prey on customers' fears (our favorite line: "If he kissed you once, will he kiss you again?"). We at Candy Favorites do love a classic!

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