Whirly Pops

Whirly Pops

We can’t think of another candy that screams “happy!” as much as swirl lollipops do. Over-sized discs with bright colors, fun flavors, and dreamy twirls and swirls make whirly pops a treat that are as much fun to eat as they are to decorate with.

Fill vases with swirl lollipops for centerpieces that make a statement, and our large selection will let you color coordinate for just about any occasion. When the party’s over, hand them out as favors that everyobody will love to take home. You can also stick a whirly pop into the bow on package for a little extra flair.

Get creative, get happy - swirl lollipops let you do both. Don’t forget that we have Easter and Christmas whirly pops, too!

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