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In our world, Dum Dum is far from a pejorative term. In fact, Dum Dum pops are a brilliant choice when you are looking for a classic candy that pleases just about everybody.

Dum Dum pops made their debut in 1924 (manufactured then by the Akron Candy Company in Ohio), and they got their funny name because it was simple enough for any child to say, which was a stroke of marketing genius, we think. Necessity is the mother of invention, isn't it....

Dum Dum is now owned by the Spangler Candy Company, which also makes the equally popular Saf T Pops, which we carry here, as well.

Dum Dums and Saf T Pops are gluten free, by the way, which makes them ideal treats for Halloween and other candy-giving occasions. See? Dum Dums are the smart choice!

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