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More beautiful than a line of well-turned poetry is the simple phrase ‘Jelly Belly in bulk,’ don’t you agree? Wordsworth had a way with words, but we have Jelly Belly products in large quantities, so we win.

You win, too, when you shop our huge selection of Jelly Belly in bulk, which includes all of the Jelly Belly items besides the famous gourmet jelly beans (buy those here). That means this is where you will find the Jelly Belly Boston Baked Beans, the Chocolate Deluxe Bridge Mix, Assorted Fruit Sours, gummi candy, Jersey Cherry Sours, and nearly two dozen more Jelly Belly treats.

Shop here for Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles and for white or assorted pastel Dutch Mints, also, which are perfect for dressing up wedding buffets or for wedding and shower favors. The pastel Chocolate Mint Lentils work, too, if you are looking for a chocolate flair.

The truth is, whatever you plan to do with your Jelly Belly in bulk, we think you just can’t go wrong, so go wild. We’ll get started on your order as soon as you’re done shopping.

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