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At Candy Favorites, we love superlatives, which is just one of the reasons we love jawbreakers, also known as the world’s hardest candy! So deliciously dense, jawbreakers can last for days and days.

We carry Wrapped Boulders Jawbreakers and Unwrapped Psychedelic Jawbreakers, for starters. We also offer Giant Nerds Gumballs and Bubble Gum Filled Jawbreakers for a slight variation on the classic.

You can also choose between Paintball Jawbreakers Lollipops and Jawbusters in bulk, which are ideal for passing out at your child’s next slumber party because they might be your best chance for getting a little bit of peace and quiet. Jawbusters also come in medium-sized boxes, for smaller jobs.

Curious to discover what happens to Jawbreakers when they get too hot?  Check out our most EXPLOSIVE Unwrapped article to find out!

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