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There is something about the fabled combination of sweet and sour - it's right up there with other great combinations like peanut butter and chocolate -  that drives candy lovers crazy and this could be attributed to one of the first sweet and sour candies belovedly known as Sour Patch Kids which have an "out of this world" taste. 

You may be asking yourself, " I know this is a great tasting candy but why on Earth do they say the taste is out of this world?"  Fellow readers, read on...

Although  it is sketchy as to when they were first made, these delightful little candies that showed up in the early 1970's were originally called Sour Aliens and their production was inspired by, you guessed it, UFO sightings. Like all UFO related informaiton, the exact details remain "Classified"  Now do you see why the taste is out of this world?

Kidding aside, these candies were so popular that the company soon began experimenting with other shapes and sizes and thus Sour Patch Apples and Watermelons were introduced to name but a few of the varieties that we offer in bulk. We also offer them in count goods too.

Whether you are looking for a delightful little candy alien or craving something a bit more fruity such as a Sour Patch Blue Raspberry, we hope you find the Sour Patch Candy that you are looking for here.

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