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We all know that Jelly Belly makes the best jelly beans on the planet. But did you know that they also make their fair share of Gummi Candy? That's right, folks! The sweet people of Jelly Belly have come to your rescue, creating a line of Jelly Belly Gummi Candy for those times when you're not really feeling the jelly bean, but are still totally digging that sweet, chewy sensation.

With products like gummi rats, chocolate eggs with a surprise gummi center, and everything in between, our Jelly Belly Gummi Candy is sure to strike your sweet tooth's fancy. There's all sorts of crazy gummies here, from the ones you might expect, to the ones you never thought possible...or edible. So click around! You may discover the perfect gummi for your sugar-craving needs. 

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