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It's tough to describe Gustaf's Sour Laces as they are a cross between an old fashioned licorice whip and a sour yet sweet candy such as a Sour Patch Kid.  Hopefully, this has piqued your interest so please read on.

Available in three different delicious flavors, each Sour Lace is about a yard long ( yes, 36 inches) and is brightly colored and tastes like a tart yet sweet version of the flavor described. Lest we forget to mention, they are imported from Holland and are of the highest quality as one would expect from a European sweet.

Gustaf's Sour Laces are good for more than just eating as they offer a unique touch when part of a display and are a fun component when making candy necklaces. If you read Fifty Shades of Gray, perhaps you could come up with other creative uses.

However you look at it, Sour Laces are colorful, fruity, fun to eat , fun to play with and just sour enough to make you pucker.  Enjoy some today!

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