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Sure, normal sized candy is great. But who wants average when you can have extraordinary? It’s only natural to want the biggest and best of everything in life. And that sentiment goes for everything from cars to candy.

At Candyfavorites.com, we stand firmly behind the belief that bigger is always better. After all, when it comes to sweets, you can never have too much of a good thing. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the world’s largest candy, and put it all in one place.

Have an oversized sweet tooth? We have a huge selection of oversized treats that will curb any craving. From colossal chocolates to gargantuan gummies, you can find all of your favorites right here. So even the craziest sugar fiend will leave feeling satisfied. Check out all that we have to offer.

We’re sure your sweet tooth has met its match and if you don't like the World's Largest Gummi Bear or Gummi Worm, you can rest assured that one of your friends will.

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