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People have enjoyed chewing gum for hundreds of years, when it was simply chicle, a type of resin harvested from tree trunks. The Aztecs recognized its breath-freshening qualities and a Spanish missionary commented about them, “Thus they chew chicle in order not to be detested.”

We don’t want you to be detested either, and we have 40 ways to keep you in social circulation. Our chewing gum selection includes all the favorites, like Jolt, 5 Rain, Chiclets, Quench, Wrigley’s, Fruit Stripe, Freshen-Up, and more.

The first flavored gum ever on the market was Black Jack, and we have that and other retro favorites like Chowards Scented Gum, Clove Gum, and more. If you add some of these babies to your cart, not only will you not be detested, you will be heartily congratulated on your chic retro sensibility.

Last thing: If your kids swallow a piece of gum, it will not, despite what the old wives’ tale says, stay in his or her little stomach for seven years. We are happy to give peace of mind along with your piece of gum.

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