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Everyone likes chewing gum. There's something so natural about it. Not only does it freshen your breath, but it also tastes great and has a number of proven benefits. Having difficulty concentrating? Try chewing on a piece of gum. Bothered by the change in altitude on an airplane? Popping some gum in your mouth before takeoff could help. But what's a person to do if they don't want all that gum to get stuck in their dental work? Try Freedent Gum instead! 

Flavored with sorbitol and sold with the promise that it "won't stick to most dental work," Freedent Gum makes chewing gum fun for everyone! It's perfect for sharing, too, since even the most dentally altered mouth can enjoy it. Since 1975, this innovative line has been pleasing gum-lovers young and old alike. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some Freedent so you'll be prepared for whatever gum emergencies come your way. 

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