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“Extra, Extra, Read All About It…”

Now that you have paid heed to the newsboy’s call, this section is the perfect place to learn about Extra Gum which is a delicious sugar free gum manufactured by the good folks at Wrigley. With all this hoopla, you may be wondering what makes this chewing gum different from the other brands.

Rewind the clock 28 years, 1984 to be exact, and Extra Gum was Wrigley’s first, yes FIRST, sugarless gum offered in the United States! This may not seem remarkable now but this gum hit the ground running and didn’t slow its pace allowing to it becoming the best sugarless gum in the world, yes WORLD, within a measly five years!

The thing that sets Extra Gum apart from its competition is taste – the flavors are unique, whimsical and long lasting - as this gum was one of the first to use sweeteners not just to sweeten but to actually enhance the flavor.

After all, it wouldn’t be the best selling sugar free gum on planet Earth if it wasn’t delicious! Much like Orbit Gum who we affectionately call its “little brother”, this brand carries the official seal of approval from the American Dental Association!

OK, now that you have read all about it, order some and enjoy!

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