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A chewing gum selection that doesn’t mention of Dentyne Gum is like a history of baseball that omits that New York Yankees.

 Today, we take this gum for granted but did you know that Dentyne can trace its roots back to 1899 – yes, over 113 years ago – when a variation was first introduced in New York City by a gentleman named Franklin Canning preceding the Yankees by four years!

The first flavor was Cinnamon and the name is an amalgamation of two fitting words: “dental” and “hygiene.” OK, so they changed the E to a Y but you have to admit that origins of the brand name are quite clever.

Many years have passed and this iconic chewing gum, in different formulas, shapes and sizes, has been owned by several different conglomerates – it is currently owned by Cadbury Schweppes – but it remains one of the most sought after gums of all times.

Now that is what we call Old School!

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