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Chiclets are yet another chewing gum that have been around for a really long time yet taste as good today as they did way back then. The first flavor was Peppermint which was introduced in 1906, yes; you are doing your math correctly as that was over 105 years ago. What differentiated this gum from the completion is that it was Chicle, hence the name, with a candy coated shell which 100 years ago was truly innovative and still tastes pretty darn good today! 

Times have changed, countless chewing gums have come and gone, but Chiclets are still available in the original Peppermint flavor as well as Fruit Flavored and Tiny Chiclets which are a personal favorite.

We also offer mini boxes which are great for Halloween and perfect for stashing in secret spots for whenever a chewing gum craving arises.

To learn more about this innovative candy gum, visit our History of Chiclets page!

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