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Imitation has long been considered the highest form of flattery but don’t let that distract you from the fact that some of the greatest innovations were variations on a common theme and Bubblicious would surely fall under this category.

In the late 1970’s, Bubble Yum was sweeping the nation and was amongst the first soft bubble gums to offer flavors other than Original and Grape. Realizing that soft bubble gum was the wave of the future, American Chicle released this brand in 1977 to compete with…you guessed it.

Over the years, over 24 different varieties of Bubblicious with crazy names such as Gonza Grape, Kickin’ Cola and Savage Sour Apple have been offered and the most famous, and collectible is the sadly discontinued Le Bron’s Lightning Lemonade. We wish we stashed a few boxes aside as this rare bubble gum commands high prices on Ebay.

Bubble Gum brands come and go and often change hands - Bubblicious is now owned by Cadbury Adams -  but based on over thirty year’s experience, we feel comfortable saying that Bubblicious is here to stay!

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