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The early 20th Century brought us many candy innovations that remain popular today, including gum machines. The Thomas Adams Gum Company and the Ford Gum and Machine Company were some of the first to manufacture the them, and gumballs cost a mere penny.

We carry a variety of fun and nostalgic models that gesture back to the originals. We have desktop gum machines that cheer up small spaces and we have larger ones, as well. We also sell a metal stand if you want the full monty set up in your kitchen or office. Kids love these, too, and they make great gifts, especially when you include a roll of quarters.

You can also shop for gum machine toys, banks, a Jelly Belly candy machine, plus all of the gum ball refills to keep you and your gum machine in business, and trust us, the candy business is a whole lot of fun. That’s why we’ve been at it since 1927.