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You know by now that retro candy is what we do best. If you’re looking for retro gum, this is the place! Here is where you will find Black Jack chewing gum, which was the first flavored gum (and one of the first chicle-based gums) on the market in the United States, which hit the shelves in 1884. Still flavored like black licorice, still black, and still in the vintage blue packaging, you can’t get any more retro than this.We also carry Beemans Chewing Gum, which was introduced as a digestive aid in 1898. Remember Clove Chewing Gum? Clove gum has been freshening breath since the prohibition era and is still going strong.

These classic chewing gums are oh so hard to find, so don’t pass up this chance to brighten somebody’s day with fond memories, or introduce a new generation to some of the simplest pleasures from times gone by.  Snooze, you lose.....

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