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You can’t grill them, but that’s part of the beauty; these candy kabobs come to you skewered and ready to eat. Some of the most charming treats that we carry, candy kabobs make unusual gifts. The All Star Sports Kabobs feature gummi basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls, and the Fish Kabobs have gummi tropical fish in fun colors.

The Sea Bite Kabobs and the Bug Bites Jelly Candy Kabobs are also cute and colorful, but our favorite candy kabob hands-down is the Springtime Mallow Kabob. A hen, a pink bunny, a fluffy white sheep, a yellow chick, and a spotted egg all stacked together in their pastel sweetness make the perfect springtime confection that’s very nearly too cute to eat.

You can also make your own candy kabobs using our extensive gummi candy selection. Hand-pick the perfect pieces for your skewers and use them to tuck into the bow on packages, for Easter baskets, as party favors, or just about anything else. Others will applaud your creativity.

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