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It might be going out on a limb to say that Skittles allows you to “taste the rainbow” as no one knows exactly what the flavors of the rainbow are or, for that matter, if a pot of gold really exists at the end but we can all agree that imagination is a wonderful thing and Skittles are a delicious bite sized fruit chew.

Skittles are considered an “All American” candy but we will let you in on a not so carefully guarded secret. They were originally sold in England in the 1970’s and were not manufactured in the United States until 1982. Prior to being manufactured in the US, they were imported and scarcity prevented them from gaining well deserved market share.

30 years later, times have changed and according to Masterfoods USA, Skittles Fruit Chews are the second most popular chewy candy after, you guessed it, Starburst Fruit Chews who are made by the same manufacturer.

As for what the flavors of the Rainbow taste like, we welcome your thoughts but before you make such a lofty claim, make sure to try a few of the more esoteric flavors such as Skittles Blenders and, our favorite, Skittles Crazy Cores.