Nerds need no revenge since they are one of the most beloved candies that we sell. Successful and popular, Nerds aren't that nerdy at all!

Everobody loves the intensely fun and fruity flavors packed in each box of Willy Wonka Nerds, and we have the classic flavors like Grape and Strawberry, and new ones, too, like Apple Watermelon combined with Lemonade Wild Cherry, and Wildberry combined with Peach. Flavors mixed as nature never intended is what Willy Wonka Nerds are all about. 

Make sure to try the Giant Chewy Nerds variety for something different. 

While the origin of the word 'nerd' is unknown for certain, experts think it comes from a creature in the 1950 Dr. Seuss book called If I Ran the Zoo. Now you can treat your kids to some trivia, too, the next time you treat them to their favorite kind of Nerds. 

Become a Nerd nerd here!

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