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Chocolate cravings can drive a person to extremes and some will travel miles to find a beloved brand. In the event that you are craving the experience of enjoying a Milky Way, worry not as this section cuts about 120,000 light years off your journey. We are talking about candy bars which offer a galactic taste sensation.

 Galileo may have spent years trying to figure out the mysteries of the galaxy but it will only take you seconds to find your Milky Way Bar as we offer different varieties including Milky Way Midnight which will have your taste buds blasting off as it covered in sumptuous dark chocolate.

Contrary to popular opinion, this chocolate and caramel candy bar was named after one of its primary components – malted milk – and not the stars in the sky.

Milky Way Bars have been the focus of chocolate cravings for close to 90 years and, according to Bloomsburg, in 2011, they were the 18th most popular candy bar accounting for close to $129 million dollars in yearly sales. Talking about a statistic that is out of this world!