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Few candies can say they've been to the Olympics, to space, and to war. But not a lot of candies have gregarious talking spokes-candies, either. M&M's have been melting in mouths -- not in hands -- since the 1940s. These creamy milk chocolates with the crunchy candy shell are as American as apple pie, and they're just as popular today as they were when our parents (maybe even grandparents) were children.  

Much like Madonna, M&M's have evolved over time, staying relevant while competitors have fallen to the wayside. The M&M's of the 21st century are incredibly interactive, allowing us to do more with our candy than generations before us could even dream. You can buy single-color M&M's in bulk for a candy buffet -- even in colors that aren't part of the official M&M's family, like purple, light blue, and bright pink. You can even have your picture printed on them. And Red, Yellow, and Ms. Brown are important guests at any modern Super Bowl celebration. 

This particular section of our site was made for those looking for a classic M&M's experience. Here you will find all varieties of "candy bar" size M&M's packages. You know -- the ones that sat at eye level, taunting you in the checkout line.  Perhaps they still do.