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Junior Mints might have junior in their name but they are a candy with a MAJORLY delicious chocolate and mint taste which has been imitated but, fortunately, never surpassed.

First introduced in 1949, the origin of the name has long been a part of candy lore. The name pays tribute to a now long forgotten Broadway show which was popular in the 1940’s. Their real claim to fame is the amount of Junior Mints produced daily which, according to Tootsie Rolls, is approximately 15,000,000 (yes, that’s million) per day! One can only imagine how long they would be if placed side by side.

The classic Junior Mint is a combination of pure dark chocolate enrobing – we love this word – a rich mint center. We also carry Deluxe Junior Mints which offer the same great flavor in unique packaging similar to a Cella Cherry as well as fun size packages which are great for Halloween but can be easily enjoyed  364 other days of year.

Despite the obviously delicious qualiity of these candies, please be forewarned that they are fragile so we encourage you to purchase an ice pack or two to protect your purchase if you are shipping into a warm area.