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Some set out to write the Great American Novel, others aspired to reach the Moon but only one person was able to create the Great American Chocolate Bar which lives on to this very day.

Apple Pie, Baseball, Coca Cola, Chevrolet and Levis have long been considered American institutions and joining this illustrious crowd is an honor bestowed. We would have to cast our ballot – after all, America is the birthplace of Democracy – for Hershey Bars in any shape, size or denomination. Anyone second our motion?

One of the oldest candy bars in America, ol’ Milton Hershey followed his entrepreneurial vision, aka The American Dream, and Hershey Chocolate Bars hit the scene running in 1900 and haven’t slowed their pace. As manufacturing is one of the benchmarks of America’s industrial might, it should be duly noted that Hershey’s was the first mass produced chocolate as well as one of the first candy bars to have Kosher certification.

Over the years, we have carried so many varieties of the Great American Chocolate Bar that is would be all but impossible to list them but classics such as Hershey’s Almonds, Special Dark, Hershey’s Cookies n Crème and Mr.Goodbar continue to outshine their competition but who would expect anything less?

Some candy snobs may say that they prefer artisanal or European chocolates but based on the fact that Hershey Candy Company sells approximately 5 Billion ( yes, that is 5 with 9 zeros following) Dollars of confectionary yearly, we would clearly have to say – you have to love freedom of speech - that they are in the minority.