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Maybe the love affair with caramel candy bars started with the Marathon Bar, braided caramel covered in milk chocolate. Although the Marathon Bar was discontinued many years ago, we have enough caramel candy bars here to more than make up for the loss.

True caramel lovers opt for the Cadbury Caramello, thick chunks of chocolate stuffed with a golden, liquid caramel that will make anybody melt. We also have Slo Pokes, the classic caramel candy from the 1920’s that are still a hit today.

Our caramel candy bars selection wouldn’t be complete without Twix Bars and we carry several variations, including Coconut Cookie Twix Bars, Java Chocolate Twix Bars and more. Plus, we have Milk Duds, Caramel Creams, Sugar Daddy, and Milky Way, too.

In our book, few things are more perfect together than caramel and chocolate, so whether you go for the nostalgic Slo Pokes or the luscious Cadbury Caramello or a gourmet Twix Bar, we’re excited for you! 

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