Wrapped Chocolate Sports Balls

Wrapped Chocolate Sports Balls

Wrapped Chocolate Sports Balls is a section that can be enjoyed by athletes and armchair quarterbacks alike! They're perfect for children's theme parties, team events, Superbowl parties, stocking stuffers, and many other events and occasions.

Nothing provides energy like a good piece of chocolate, and this is where you fill find a delicious assortment of sports-related chocolates including chocolate baseballs, chocolate tennis balls and, for those who can't make up their mind as to their favorite pastime, an assortment of all the different chocolate sports balls that we offer.

Instead of scavenging through the rough looking for a lost golf ball, you can simply reach into your pocket and pull out a delicious chocolate golf ball -- or do both!

Made from the highest quality milk chocolate, each pound of individually wrapped chocolates contains approximately 70 balls. The average can of tennis balls only offers 3 balls! We think our chocolate is a much better value, and it's certainly a more cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite sport, especially golf! 

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