Wrapped Chocolate Balls

Here's a challenging riddle - what's round, about the size of a marble, beautiful to look at and even better to eat and when combined with other colors makes for a marvelous candy display? Give up?

The answer is - drum roll please - Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Candy Balls!

Hand crafted from rich milk chocolate and available in a variety of colors, wrapped chocolate balls are one of the most attractive and versatile candies that we offer and with close to three thousand different candies, that's a lofty claim!   They are also a good value as each pound has approximately 80 pieces and you can be sure that a pound goes a long way.

Our foil-wrapped chocolate balls make a great favor when placed in a clear bag topped with a pretty bow. Get them in the colors of your school, sorority or favorite sports team to make a tasty statement. All our colors of Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Candy Balls come packed in a 4-pound bulk bag. 

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