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Smarties, sometimes known as "candy roll wafers", are one of those candies that have been around for a long time - since 1949 to be exact - and continue to please generation after generation if only because they are as good now as when they were first released over 60 years ago.  We are not sure how long it takes to be designated "classic" but these candies surely are and if you don't believe us, ask your parents or grandparents!

Original Smarties are often referred to as "candy pills" and children love prescribing them  - and patients love eating them - when they pretend to be a doctor and they are great for those craving sweets while on a diet as the average package has only 25 calories!  Better yet, Smarties are all but indestructible making them perfect for any weather condition or for a special snack on a camping trip or jaunt in the desert.

Here's a fun piece of trivia - Ce De Candy Company officially changed their name to Smarties Candy Company in 2011 in honor of their best selling product and they have two manufacturing facilities, one in New Jersey and the other in Ontario, Canada.  Both manufacture Smarties but the candies made in Canada are marketed under the brand name Rockets and some claim that they have a different taste.  Smarties are also sold in Europe but these are chocolate candies manufactured by Nestle. A candy with a similar size and consistency is sold abroad and is called Fizzers. Confusing, huh?

Worry not, the Smarties offered on CandyFavorites are the original candy rolls and we have proudly sold this brand for over 40 years!