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During the dog days of summer, few things are more refreshing than ice cold, freshly poured root beer but there are times when a glass of draft root beer is just slightly out of reach.

As the ol’ saying going, “imitation is the highest form of flattery,” and root beer barrels are the next best thing and, best of all, these compact candies which can be stashed away almost anywhere can be enjoyed in those not so rare places where soda is prohibited.

Brach’s Root Beer Barrels are the benchmark by which all others are measured but please don’t misread as Dad’s Root Beer Barrels have a following as well.

We also “snuck” Arnold’s Root Beer Puffs into this category. While they are not a hard candy per se, these melt in your mouth sugar puffs are so realistic in taste that you might think twice about what you are drinking, oops, we mean eating.

Individually wrapped, amber in color, spicy yet sweet and fun to eat is why root beer barrels are one of the best selling bulk candies of all times. Need we say more?

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