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Fruit Slices come in many flavors, shapes and sizes and offer a delicious, chewy, sugar coated fruit flavor that can be enjoyed long after your favorite fruit is out of season.

 There are so many uses for Fruit Slices that it would be impossible to mention all but they are a perfect addition for any fruit basket and Spearmint Leaves and Cherry Slices when mixed together make a great Christmas Candy combination and when served separately cover yours bases for St. Patrick’s and Valentine’s Day. Versatile, huh?

 If you are looking for kosher candy, we offer Sunkist Fruit Gems which are made by Jelly Belly and each individually wrapped piece proudly bears OU Kosher certification making them de rigueur for Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings.

We also offer Brach's Mandarin Orange Fruit Slices that taste like a freshly peeled orange, are far less messy and would make for an oh so unusual garnish to any chicken salad. (Editor's note - we are only kidding about the garnish)

Fruit Slices are colorful, delicious and maybe more fun than eating the real thing… but don't tell your parents we said this.