Chocolate Coins

If you are looking to purchase a great tasting piece of foil wrapped milk chocolate that "doesn't break the bank", consider our selection of chocolate coins available in a variety of colors and sizes sure to fit any budget.

Chocolate Coins are one of the more exciting accessories of childhood. No matter what kids are playing at, currency makes it more interesting. But using real money opens cans of worms that don’t really need to be addressed until third grade – or at least until a child can be counted on to pour their own milk. Individually foil-wrapped milk chocolate coins are a delicious and fun way to share the wealth without all the hassle. They’re as fun in classrooms as they are at casino-themed events for adults. These vibrantly colored coins provide an ample treat that looks great on a candy buffet. They all come packed in 1-pound bulk bags with approximately 85 pieces to a pound.

Daddy Warbucks and the Rockefellers would love our selection - a veritable chocolate coin treasury - and you don't need a low interest loan to avoid running a deficit when purchasing in bulk as our chocolate coins are as good a value as they are a delicious snack! So stock up on different color gelt for every day of Hanukkah! Develop an elaborate color-coded system with which to manage the bribing of your children?

Whatever your chocolate currency needs, we’ve got you covered so go ahead, live large and feather your nest, but don't forget to stash a few aside for a rainy day

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