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Bulk taffy is the perfect way to enjoy a piece of chewy fresh taffy “on the go” and this category is devoted to brands such as Airheads and Bonomo’s* that have been bringing joy to candy lovers, and dentists alike , since time eternal.

Often, it is the simple things that bring the greatest amount of joy and this surely applies to taffy and even though it is now available in different sizes, shapes and flavors, it remains one of the oldest candies available.

You don’t need to take a trip to the beach to stock up – after all, this section of about purchasing taffy en masse –  on mouth watering pieces of Salt Water Taffy nor do you need to scour every candy store in your area to find individually flavored Airheads…all you need to do is click your mouse and order it here.

As purchasing in bulk is all about value, we also included Laffy Taffy which can be purchased en masse , or in individual flavors in jars,  which are sure to bring a smile to your face as each piece has a humorous comic. Two for the price of one!

 *Bonomo’s has come, gone and is back again as the brand was revitalized in 2010 and we hope it is here to stay. Their bite size pieces of taffy taste as good as they look and look as good as they taste making them perfect for any sophisticated candy décor.

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