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Sour candy came into vogue in the 1980’s and names such as Warheads led the way (we picture executives at the company wearing giant shoulder pads and purple leg warmers in important meetings). Many of the original sour candies are no longer being manufactured, but we still have a huge selection of nearly 60 sour candy treats that we guarantee will pucker you up.

Sour Patch Kids are one of our best-selling sour candy brands, along with Sour Punch Straws. We have both in many flavors and several sizes so you can get exactly what you need for any group, any occasion.

We have sour candy from a large list of other favorite brands, like Bubblicious, Air Heads, Charms, Jelly Belly, Skittles, Starburst, Twizzlers, and more. And if you haven’t tried the classic (and hard-to-find) Jersey Sour Cherries, now is your chance.